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5 Ways How to Make Money with your Food Blog

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5 Ways How to Make Money with your Food Blog – Revealed!

5 Ways How to Make Money with your Food BlogMany think that they can start their own food blog and a couple of recipes now and then, add some google adsense and that’s it… kaching! It doesn’t work like that believe me. There are food bloggers out there such as David Lebovitz, Dorie Greenspan & Deb Perelman which are like the founders/gurus of Food Blogging and certainly are earning a living out of their amazing blogs. The reason being as they have been active with their blogs since internet was born :) . I have point outed out 5 Ways How to Make Money with your Food Blog that I am using in this blog after I have twisted them to perfection for my own niche market.

Do not expect that these 5 Ways How to Make Money with your Food Blog will work from day1 but with constant constant and your commitment to give more than you get to your viewers you will start earning some extra $300-$600 a month with your Food Blog. It is a process… a journey! One advice is to build it up and be patient.

5 Ways How to Make Money with your Food Blog:-


When it comes to advertisements, the number one thing that comes up is Google Ads. Well… they are good but not as great as they where few years ago. There are other ad platforms that one can use such as Adbrite but I must say that by being part of either FoodBuzz Community or Foodie Blogroll can add up some extra cash per month plus exposing more your Food Blog out in the ocean. As I am from Europe I opted for Foodie Blogroll as they offer a better deal for Europeans than FoodBuzz does. Make sure to place these ads in the top or widget part to get more clicks and more kaching in your pockets.

List Building

This is the powerful stuff. Once I heard this ‘The Money is In the List’ from a guy who is very keen on marketing online. I applied it and it has been amazing since. By investing in a email marketing platform like aWeber you will be able to build your list that follow your blog. Not just they will receive your updates from your blog (blog broadcast), you can send a monthly newsletter and also you can sell products that you might have tested directly to your followers which have been funneled (they love what you are sharing). To start building your List, you need to give something FREE. Like a How To e-book, video recipe tutorials, recipe book or even online food consultancy.

Attract Local Sponsors

Make a research in your area of what food products/items you can be able to promote through your blog. It could be a BBQ Sauce, a Local Farm Fresh Packed Chicken Legs or a Kitchen Gadget. Get organized, dress smart and make an appointment with the owner and let him know that you are promoting his product either through a post or a video. You can test out for let say a month or two and if it works both way it is a Win… Win situation as you can request an immediate payment for exposing their product worldwide or by charging them for every sale you make through your website. You can also attract local sponsors by writing/interviewing them on your food blog with a small fee. The important thing is to build a relationship with the owner as it will be your relationship that can drive you to do bigger things in the future.

Food Store/Kitchen Equipment Affiliates

Using Big companies like Food Stores or Home & Kitchen item sellers will also help you earning something extra when you become an affiliate with them. Great companies like Amazon, La Tienda & will add some revenue extra monthly or yearly by promoting their products. They offer a good percentage for each sale and when one use these companies to help them sell their products through your website. Many even my self opt to have an Astore incorporated within their food blog, which I found out that you have to add things you have and you believe that will help your followers.

Create Your Own Products

This is the cherry on the cake, as it is when the real money strike in if you do it right, making it different & innovative and also if you market your product in the right way. After a few years online I started with a couple of e-books which I have created and are still selling out. I am not saying this is easy to do, but if I was able to do it so you can. I was always interest in designing and doing logos since I was 15 but I never went and studied design but I just wanted to raise the bar and re-start doing and applying what I have learned and what I was learning. I finally perfected my design technique so I had lower costs when I launched my first self-published cook book because I was able to do everything, design, content, photos etc…  but one can hire people to do this work at a cost. Other products that you can create will help you earn additional income to make up for your costs.

I am sure that by sharing these 5 Ways How to Make Money with your Food Blog will help you earn extra additional income in the coming months and years. Remember you’ll never know until you take action and apply what was shared in here.

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